Street photography: May 06
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Weymouth  Binoculars, Weymouth  On the Cobb, Lyme Regis  Seagull, Lyme Regis  Sea view, Lyme Regis 

Punch and Judy, Weymouth  Punch and Judy, Weymouth  Strangers, Bristol  Crossword, Bristol  Horse legs, Bristol 

Strolling, Poundbury  Landscape, Poundbury  Cottage, Poundbury  Wall, Frome  Watering can, Frome 

Bowling, Weymouth  Bowling, Weymouth  Bowling, Weymouth  Crossing, Weymouth  Pier lights, Bournemouth 

Box, Bournemouth  Starlings, West Bay  Dog show, Bridport  Dog show, Bridport 

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