Photos taken in September 2004
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Surveying Brighton Pier Conversations, Brighton Fish shop, Brighton Night, Brighton Pier

Sunbathing, Brighton Escalator, Brighton Promenade, Brighton Kiosk, Brighton View, Brighton Stairs, Brighton

The Dorchester Show
Piglets, the Dorchester Show Branded, the Dorchester Show Toilets, the Dorchester Show Apples, the Dorchester Show

Sheep, the Dorchester Show Onions, the Dorchester Show Goat, the Dorchester Show Hot-air balloon, the Dorchester Show

Portsmouth & Southsea
Fort, Portsmouth Shadows, Southsea Runner, Southsea Fast food, Southsea Binoculars, Southsea Promenade, Southsea

Littlehampton, Bournemouth, Weymouth
Motorcyclist, Littlehampton Groynes, Littlehampton Encounter, Littlehampton Cormorant, Weymouth Promenade, Bournemouth Statistics, Bournemouth Fishing, Weymouth

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