Street photography: June 2005.
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Relaxation, Bournemouth  Entertainment, Bournemouth  Racing, Weymouth  Man in white, Bournemouth  Speedboats, Bournemouth  Greenhill Gardens, Weymouth 

That's Entertainment, Weymouth  Boscombe Pier  Ice creams, Bournemouth  Sunbathing, Boscombe  Supine, Bournemouth  Romance, Bournemouth 

Sunbathing, Bournemouth  Bicycle, Bournemouth  Scavenging, Weymouth  Sense of humour, Weymouth  Umbrella, Weymouth 

Strolling, Weymouth  Bowls, Weymouth  Waiting, Bournemouth  Speedster, Bournemouth  Crossing the road, Weymouth 

Snake, Weymouth  Shopping, Salisbury  Salisbury Cathedral  Wet paint, Salisbury  Passing Salisbury Cathedral 

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