Street photography: July 2005.
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Street scene, Bournemouth  Street scene, Bournemouth  Outside Poole train station  A sporty moment, Bournemouth  Busker, Bath 

Waiting for ice creams, Bournemouth  Large cone, Weymouth  Rubber ring, Weymouth  Heat, Weymouth  Punch and Judy, Weymouth  Beach, Weymouth 

Balloons, Bournemouth Pier  Bournemouth Pier  Bournemouth Pier  On Bournemouth Pier  Pier games, Bournemouth 

Greenhilll Gardens, Weymouth  Rejection, Bournemouth  Laughing at you, Bournemouth  Romance, Bournemouth 

Tattoos, Bournemouth  Crossing the road, Bournemouth  Transport of Yesteryear, Portland  Bowling, Weymouth 

Bath Abbey  Angel, Swanage  Junk shop, Swanage 

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