Country Show
On display at English country shows
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Cattle at country shows. Longhorn  Controlling cattle  Preparing cattle for show  Waiting around with cattle  Branded  Handler laughing at the Dorset County Show  Judging at the Frome Show 

Programme and cattle at the New Forest Show  Bikes and cows  Carcasses at the Melplash Show  Pigs at country shows  Judging pigs  Ordered chaos with pigs  Dogs at country shows. Does your dog pull? 

Judging dogs at the Brit Valley Companion Dog Show, near Bridport  Dogs  Dogs and prizes at the Brit Vally Companion Dog Show  Dog and toilet  Horses at country shows  Horsewomen at the Dorset County Show  First prize for horse 

Happy with horses  No entry  Falmer at the Melplash Show  Shire horse trailer  Hunting with hounds  Sheep at country shows  Bad weather for sheep judging at the New Forest Show 

Stopping sheep at the Romsey Show  A sheep judge speaks  All hands on sheep  Crisps, tea and sheep prizes at Melplash  Seriously udging sheep  Token goat shot country show at Melplash Show   Bees inside country show tent, Dorset County Show 

Wasp vs bees  Token country show rat shot from Romsey Country Show  Rabbit eating its own prize  Selling a rabbit at the Dorset County Show  Smelling flowers at the Melplash Show  Selling flowers at the New Forest Show  Cleaning the toilets at the end of the day at the Dorset County Show 

Cider, Bridport Food Festival  God tent at the New Forest Show 

Photos are from the Dorset County Show (formerly the Dorchester Show), New Forest Show,
Melplash Show, Bridport Food Festival, Romsey Show, Frome Show, and Brit Valley Companion Dog Show

See the BBC news story on this series here

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