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Beginners guide to using a digital SLR, Weymouth, UK

Course: General digital SLR photography (for beginners)

Aims: Getting to grips with your camera and thinking creatively about photography.

For all subject matter, e.g. people, buildings, landscapes, plants, abstract. Learning through a series of tasks with a widely published and exhibited photographer.

Requirements: A digital SLR


(1) Identifying goals:

Establish what participants hope to get out of the lesson, why they are interested in photography, and what they are interested in photographing.

(2) Technical bits: the essential basics

Getting the right exposure
Shutter speed and aperture (f-stops), and the relationship between them.
What ISO to use.
Histograms, exposure compensation, blown highlights.
Focusing. How to throw the background out of focus (using depth of field)
Zone focusing; when to use manual focusing.

(3) Creative bits: if required!

Thinking creatively.
Rules of composition (e.g. rule of thirds), and breaking them.
Combining objects in the frame. Repeating elements; juxtapositions.
Learning to see; beauty in the mudane; the unusual in the everyday; different viewpoints.


  • Price: 40

  • Duration: one afternoon (2 to 5 pm)

  • Individual tuition

  • Takes place in Weymouth, UK

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Mobile: 07563 926 186

About Paul Russell
I am a documentary photographer, and have recently exhibited in group shows in New York, London (Photofusion & The Museum of London), Berlin, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Stockholm, and in solo shows in the UK.

I am one of 46 photographers profiled in Thames & Hudson's Street Photography Now book (see Bournemouth Waterstones, pp. 168-173!).

My work is in the permanent collection of The Museum of London.