Street photography: August 2005
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West Bay
Cliffs, West Bay  Bicycle, West Bay  Stone pier, West Bay  View, West Bay 

Surprised, Weymouth  Ice creams, Weymouth  Punch and Judy, Weymouth  Donkey and ice cream, Weymouth  Helicopter, Weymouth 

Helicopter, Weymouth  Beach scene, Weymouth  Martin Parr, Weymouth  Bowls, Weymouth  Toilets, Weymouth 

Dogs, Weymouth  Weymouth Station  Clown, Weymouth  Cowboys, Weymouth 

Advancing tide, Bournemouth  Street scene, Bournemouth  Pier entrance, Bournemouth  Amazement, Bournemouth 

Greetings, Bournemouth  Ball, Bournemouth 

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