Photos taken in April 2004
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Two dogs, Weymouth Danger, Weymouth Air sport, Weymouth Dancer, Weymouth Rope circle, Bournemouth

Hanging sweets, Weymouth Wish you were here, Weymouth Crazy golf, Weymouth Continental market, Weymouth Reading, Weymouth

Relaxed, Weymouth Overlooking the beach, Weymouth Bowling, Weymouth On the pull, Weymouth Whelks, Weymouth

Monkeys, Monkeyworld Chimpanzee, Monkeyworld Lemur, Monkeyworld People-watching, Southampton Cemetery, Bristol

Black and white photos

Passing near the pier, Bournemouth On the phone, Bournemouth On rocks, Weymouth

Pier and boy, Bournemouth It could be you, Weymouth Underwater obstruction, Weymouth

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